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Making everyone's opinions easier to understand - dotchi is a new type of public opinion survey app where you can ask or answer ultimate either-or questions and freely discuss with everyone.

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100% anonymous


100% democratic

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'dotchi' is the new poll

Experience a new era of clarity in public opinion with our ground-breaking consultation: the dotchi


Direct, Democratic

a dotchi is a direct line to the heartbeat of society. Now, every individual has the power to initiate consultation and gather insights from a wide and varied audience, democratizing the way we understand and interact with the world around us.


Unparalleled Clarity

The simplicity of the dotchi cuts through the complexity of traditional surveys. Experience crystal-clear insights where every voice adds a layer of understanding and depth, bringing unprecedented clarity to public opinion.


100% Anonymous

At dotchi corp., your privacy is paramount. Engage in meaningful debate with the assurance that your participation is entirely anonymous.


It's an 'irreversible upgrade' experience

the “dotchi” replaces unreliable and expensive polls with so many information and feedbacks that it will blow your mind


dotchi made it incredibly easy for us to gather feedbacks – it's like having a direct line to society!


SewaYou CEO

Easy management

Manage your report in an online board. View active, queued and completed report with ease.

Lightspeed answer

Expect a response within a few hours, aligning with our commitment to swift and flexible communication.

Ask anything

A specific idea about you want to do? Ask anything, we'll try to make it happen

Order a report

JPY ¥180,000

per report

5 reports (JPY ¥900,000)

One report at a time, usable for 2 years.

What's included

  • Professional report on one or several dataset
  • All the detailed results and tailored graphs
  • Advanced sampling methodology
  • Cross-analysis between any dataset
  • Guaranteed representative answers by implementing statistical adjustment (Post-stratification/Calibration)
  • Cancel anytime
  • Ask us anything

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